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We've come full circle

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Predatek supports ethical, sustainable recreational fishing

Predatek (Downunder Lures Pty Ltd) started in 1986 as a cottage industry manufacturing lures in a farm shed at Elsmore, near Inverell NSW, the hometown of two of the three founders: Kevin Clark (Casino), Frank Gaukroger, and Rob Smith. Back in those days, we sold our own designed and handcrafted fishing lures directly to Aussie anglers by mail-order. Our long story is here.

Our long-story-short is this blog three paragraphs...and then some BIG news.


We graduated from hand-crafted, limited production to mass production. We sold lures across Australia and realised our start-up dream to export uniquely Australian lure designs to other countries. We sold through a distribution network to Australian and foreign agents and retailers who then sold our products to the public. We were going great guns until unscrupulous overseas manufacturers started copying our designs and selling them to Big Retail here in Australia. As a small player, we didn't have deep enough pockets to pay the legal costs of fighting back.

Then came the GFC. We never really recovered the lost ground. Loyal distributors retired, Big Retail squeezed our margins and shelf space and we received frequent emails from end-users across Australia and overseas who had difficulty finding our products.

Then came Covid-19. We found ourselves at the crossroads. We faced the big question: are we going to keep going down the same road, or are we going to take back control of our business's destiny? The time had come to bite the bullet...and we decided to bite it...hard!

Peter Brock once said, "Bite off more than you can chew, and then chew like hell".


So these are the new facts of life for Predatek

And it's not just one big announcement; it's several big announcements.

#1 Back to grass roots

As of June 8 2020, Predatek is going full-circle back to its roots—selling our products direct to the public from our own factory in Australia, via our own online store:

#2 Challenge imports with aggressive pricing

With a leaner and meaner supply chain, we're better equipped to take on the imports, particularly those that are copies of our own designs. The adage holds true, "The real deal, the original, is best".

#3 Add value for hard-core fans

We've created the Predatek TackleBox, a members-only area of our website. For starters, we'll publish special offers for members in the Predatek Tacklebox. In the longer term, we plan to make the TackleBox a place where our fans can share their photographs and success stories, share tips, and support innovative Australian fishing lure design.

Sign-up to the Predatek TackleBox
Become a member

Membership is FREE. Not a member? You can sign up here. The sign-up screen is 'plain vanilla' at the moment—just click one of the sign-up buttons. We'll welcome you aboard.

#4 Sell to the world again

We know that our products are respected in world markets—we've exported for many years but it's been hit and miss. With an online store, we can supply to anglers anywhere with our Aussie lures. They don't need to rely on an agent in their own country.

#5 Keep innovating

We started making lures because we thought that we could do it better for our Australian conditions. We built it—the classic 80mm Boomerangand they came.

We have more new product in the pipeline, some to announce immediately and some for the coming weeks. We have more on the drawing board. what's new to celebrate the launch of our online shop?

New Product announcement #1

S40T Microspaddler surface lure (transparent) $14.95

It's a variant of our existing S40 MicroSpaddler. You can read about it here.

New Product announcement #2

S50T Microspaddler surface lure (transparent) $14.95

It's a variant of our existing S50 MicroSpaddler. You can read about it here.

New Product announcement #3

BB60 Bass Bug surface lure $17.95

A brand new product for bass and other native fish. You can read about it here.


#1 Our innovative flagship J110 Jabberwok surface lure for big Murray Cod is the standout value product in our online store, and now is the best time of year to give this unique lure a swim around the margins of big impoundment like Copeton and in the rivers. Currently, it's discounted to $26.95

We'll have more to say about the Jabberwok later in the week.

#2 W90 Woomera minnow lure $12.00

#3 WS90 Woomera Skitzo (dual-action) $12.95


These are a few selected lures in our range that are superseded colours or colours that have been custom-made for former foreign agents. We're offering special pricing on them (10% off our new list prices) while stocks last. You can buy more than one 'SPECIAL' per order. You can find them in the 'SPECIALS' collection at

Below are the lures in the 'SPECIALS' collection for launch on June 8

Members-only 'PROMO COUPONS'

Predatek TackleBox members also have access to promo coupon codes that will give them a further $10 discount off the sale price of one lure (per order) in the 'SPECIALS' collection.

This means that members can buy one lure per order from the following list at the coupon-discounted price shown below.

  1. S150 Sandviper Copperhead AUD$4.35

  2. V150 Viper Copperhead AUD $4.35

  3. H150 HyperViper Copperhead AUD $4.35

  4. S85PS Spoonbill AUD$6.15

  5. J80M Jindivik Fire Cray AUD$6.15

  6. B80M Boomerang Fire Cray AUD$6.15

  7. B80D Boomerang Fire Cray AUD$6.15

  8. B80UD Boomerang Fire Cray AUD$6.15

  9. B65UD Boomerang Tarpon AUD$4.35

  10. B65M Boomerang Tarpon AUD$4.35

  11. B65D Boomerang Tarpon AUD$4.35

  12. B65UD Boomerang Tarpon AUD$4.35

NOTE: You can buy multiple items in one order from the 'SPECIALS' collection, while stocks last, at their listed discount price, but the members' promo coupon for further discount will only apply to one 'SPECIAL' per order.

As of now, members can log-in to the Predatek Tacklebox and see the promo code that they can use at the online shop checkout.

That's it! That's all that we have to announce for the time being. We think it's a good start to a new way of doing business. Drop in an have a look around at

PS: FREE shipping Australia-wide on all orders exceeding $58 value at the checkout.

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