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J110 Jabberwok


Predatek Jabberwok (Black-bib) in Fossil White colours
Predatek J110 Jabberwok surface fishing lure colours
Animation ofthesurface paddling acton of the Predatek J110 Jabberwok Murray cod lure


There's a lot to tell you about the brilliant new Jabberwok. This the basic product page for our big paddler. If you want the full bottle on how we make Jabberwok tick, check out the Project Jabberwok page.

Calling big Murray cod

Jabberwok has been designed to appeal to big Murray cod, but our field testing has proved that plenty of feisty cod in smaller waters will attack it. It's a surface-paddler with a dynamic, splashing action and a variety of sound effects.


Interchangeable bibs

You can purchase Jabberwok with a clear bib or a black bib. The bibs are interchangeable without the use of tools if you choose not to fasten the bib to the Jabberwok with a split-ring. Head over to the Project Jabberwok page for a full explanation.

Quick off the mark & low stall speed

You'll appreciate Jabberwok's ability to quickly get into its Australian Crawl mode when you start winding it in. You'll also appreciate how slow you can retrieve it without it stalling. Jabberwok can maintain its plopping paddling action down to 0.97 knots (1.8kph). That is slow.

Animation of the new Predatek Jabberwok surface fishing lure doing its 'impersonation' of an Apache helicopter weapon-laden for battle!


In addition to the tow-point on Jabberwok's head, there are four other wire eyelets for attaching hardware...or whatever your imagination comes up with. How will you 'pimp' your jabberwoks? :-)

Map of Australia
Map of the world

Bristling with heavy & symmetrical hardware

Out-of-the-box, Jabberwok runs three 2/0 VMC trebles, but you can run it with two.


​Because of the smart, horizontal orientation of the wire eyelets, the hooks hang symmetrically. We like that. It's better than the traditional, asymmetrical way that treble hooks hang on the vast majority of hard-bodied lures.



Jabberwok makes burbling noises thanks to the lobes at the tips of the paddling blades. It also has internal rattles to complement the jangling of its hardware. Fishing in the dark, your ears will tell you where Jabberwok is and how it's working.

Swing blade

Out-of-the-box, Jabberwok also comes with a hammer-finished swing blade attached to the belly eyelet. This gives off its own clicking sound as well as adding flash.

Murray cod, Murray cod, Murray cod!...barramundi, mulloway

northern pike, muskellunge, Nile perch

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