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Welcome to the Jabberwok Channel

This is your go to channel for info videos on the versatile Predatek Jabberwok as well as tips and techniques for achieving Maximum eFISHency™ when using it. If you want to be among the first to know about this stuff, subscribe and you'll receive notifications about new videos in your email. The most recently published video will feature in the channel window below.

HELP! If this is your first visit to the channel, the graphic at the bottom of this page shows you how to drive it.

To open the Jabberwok Channel, click the channel window below.

Wok yeah!
Play Video

How to drive the Jabberwok Channel?

Click the Channel Window above and see the channel interface appear like the screen shot below.

  1. Click any thumbnail to see...

  2. ...a summary of the contents of the video

  3. Click the PLAY button to view the video

  4. Click the < & > icons to scroll the row of thumbnails and find the one you want.

HELP for drving th Jabberwok video channel on the Predatek fishing lures website
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