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Excerpt from an article by Dr Brian Pratt, talking about the history of lure fishing in Australia:

"There are lots of other reminiscences. One that was particularly significant was on a trip to northern NSW to fish Copeton and other reservoirs and rivers and bumping into a remarkably knowledgeable, quiet young man who hand-carved his own lures and caught lots of fish on them. His name was Rob Smith and yes, he, with Kevin Clark and Frank Gaukroger later put the famous Boomerang lures on the market. These fellows and others are the new wave of anglers and lure makers in Australia. They have changed the face of lure production and use by shifting this country from a dependence on imported lures to widespread use of Australian patterns. Australian-designed and Australian-made. Made to suit our fish and our fishing conditions. Apart from making good fishing sense it does a heck of a lot for our balance of trade. More power to your inventive and manufacturing skills chaps and ladies. Keep them rolling out and I'll keep using them."


Dr Brian Pratt - Tackle Retailer & Fishing Writer
"How it was"
Freshwater Fishing Australia - 50th Issue - May 2000

Downunder Lures Pty Ltd trading as Predatek — Australian Business Number ABN 64 050 040 189
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