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Member account terms of use

By opening a Predatek TackleBox member's account on the Predatek website, a member agrees to:

  • Participate in the spirit of ethical fishing and conservation

  • Not post anything that a reasonable person would deem to be offensive or defamatory

  • Obtain permission from any persons depicted in photographs uploaded to the site, and/or obtain permission of the copyright holders of photographs before uploading them

  • To respect members-only information (such as discount voucher codes) provided on the site

  • IN GENERAL, it's easy—just be a respectful citizen. Thank you. :-)

PREDATEK promises to respect the privacy of the member's account information and history and not share member's information (e.g. contact etc.) with any other party.

PREDATEK reserves the right to delete any member account that is deemed by Predatek to be offensive, spammy, phishy, or engaged in nuisance behaviour.

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