Here it is, the K45 Krickett!

Here it is, just in time for the spring bass season, the brand new 45mm Predatek K45 Krickett surface paddler. The Krickett rounds out our selection of small surface lures, joining other recently launched products: S40T MicroSpaddler Transparent, the S50T Spaddler Transparent (variations on our proven Spaddler designs) and the BB60 Bass Bug.

The Krickett is available direct from the Predatek factory at or from selected tackle retailers.

Key product features

  • Leaps to life with the smallest rod twitch

  • Paddles vigorously at slow speed and produces loud pattering and plopping sounds

  • Leaves a bubble trail in its wake that you can see in moonlight

  • Is aerodynamic and easy to cast

  • Has a very tough moulded construction

  • Available with a clear or black paddling bib

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