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Calling winter cod

With many impoundments having recorded significant rises during the recent floods, it's possible that the winter of 2021 is going to produce a decent surface bite again. Lake Copeton, for example, rose from about 20% to 40%. This means that weed beds that built up over the summer months will have died off; they're too far under the water to receive enough light to survive and harbour baitfish.

On the other side of the equation, water rising over ground that has lain 'fallow' during years of drought has produced a bonanza of food in the shallows to sustain zooplankton, and small forage fish like Spangled Perch. Where there is food, Murray Cod will be there. At Predatek, we've just launched another surface lure in time for the winter. It's the R100 Raptor. It's 100mm of bulletproof Murray Cod fodder, and it joins other large surface lures in our range like the CB90 Cod Bug, the CR90 Cod Bug, and the versatile three-hooked Jabberwok.

Here's a link to the R100 Raptor's product page on our website.

Ten colours available with either a clear or a black bib.

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