BB60 — Bass Bug


Pedatek's new 60mm Bass Bug

Our Bass Bug is a mid-sized surface lure with a vigorous paddling action. It's the size of a large beetle or cicada and it lands gently on the water, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized sportfish lke Australian bass, sooty grunter and jungle perch. It works over sandflats for dusky flathead.

Key product features

  • Bug-style body & antenna-style bib

  • Fast paddling action with a bow-wave and highly audible plopping sounds

  • Works with a slow retrieve and leaves a bubble trail in its wake

  • Casts accurately and aerodynamically

  • Tough, puncture-proof construction and quality hardware

  • Available with a clear or black polycarbonate bib. Choose the black bib for a larger apparent size

Want something bigger? Try the CB90 Cod Bug or CR90 Cod Bug 'R or our flagship surface lure the Jabberwok for big Murray cod.

Smaller? Try the K45 Krickett and the S50 Spaddler and S40 MicroSpaddler.


bass, perch, sooty grunter, saratoga, jungle perch, Murray cod, tailor and estuary species

large and smallmouth bass,  snakehead

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