S40T MicroSpaddler (transparent)


Predatek S40RU transparent MicroSpaddler
Predatek S40T transparent MicroSpaddler surface fishing lure

What is a Spaddler?
The name describes what these little lures do. They paddle across the surface of the water, so we called them Spaddlers (for surface paddler).

Use close to surface cover
This lure simulates a small creature that has fallen into the water and is struggling to escape. Cast the MicroSpaddler close to any kind of cover that is at or near the surface of the water: branches, lily pads, oyster racks, rock bars.

An Australian jungle perch caught on a Predatek MinMin fishing lure

Luminous bib ?
The bib is tough plastic infused with a luminous (glow-in-the-dark) compound. Is this for the benefit of anglers or the fish? Both!When fishing at night, try giving your MicroSpaddler a dose of your headlamp light to give it a glow that lasts a couple of minutes. You and the fish can see it

Attaching to line
Like all micro lures, MicroSpaddlers give their best action when attached to your line with a loop knot.


The MicroSpaddler is a finely balanced lure that should be used with finesse. Only the smallest of wire snaps will fit through its tow-point. It won't work well if weighed down by unnecessary hardware; in the worst-case-scenario, it will sink and not work at all.

bass, bream, sooty grunter, saratoga, trout, jungle perch, archer fish

large and smallmouth bass, trout, snakehead

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