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Introducing the CR90 Cod Bug 'R

When we launched our online store, we added three new products to our range: the S40T MicroSpaddler Transparent, the S50T Spaddler Transparent (variations on our proven Spaddler designs) and a new design, the BB60 Bass Bug.

Next came the CB90 Cod Bug, and now we are launching its articulated stablemate, the CR90 Cod Bug 'R, a medium-sized paddling surface lure for Murray cod and other predators that will attack a mouse-sized lure that makes tantalising paddling sounds.

Key product features

  • Bug-style articulated body and antenna-style bib for enhanced action

  • Fast-paddling action with a bow-wave and highly audible plopping sounds

  • Works with a slow or medium retrieve and leaves a bubble trail to show your coverage of the area

  • Casts accurately and aerodynamically

  • Tough, puncture-proof construction and quality hardware

  • Available in two bib styles: clear or black

  • Available in 10 colours

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