CB90 Cod Bug


Predatek CB90 Cod Bug surface fishing lure colours

For medium to large topwater predators

When Predatek's innovative and versatile Jabberwok is too much surface lure for your needs, consider this CB90 Cod Bug or its articulated stablemate, the CR90 Cod Bug 'R.

The CB90 is a surface lure for bigger topwater predators like Murray cod, barramundi, mulloway, tailor, black bass, northern pike and muskies.

Key product features

  • Bug-style body and antenna-style bib for responsive action

  • Fast-paddling action with a bow-wave and highly audible plopping sounds

  • Works with a slow or medium retrieve and leaves a bubble trail to show your coverage of the area

  • Casts accurately and aerodynamically

  • Tough, puncture-proof construction and quality hardware

  • Available in two bib styles: clear or black.

Murray cod, barramundi, mulloway

largemouth bass, northern pike, musky

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