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Wok yeah!

Goodness! Sometimes when you get tied up with things, other things just slip through the cracks. We can't believe that we missed putting this great video in our blog before.

It's better late than never. And now, more than ever, is a good time to get yourself some Predatek Jabberwoks. Recent changes in our business model have put the Jabberwok more within reach of all anglers. RRP used to be $38.95. How does $28.95 sound? And at the moment, the Jabberwok is on special from our online shop for just $26.95. Yep! It's winter and big Murray cod are cruising the shallows and hitting the top. The time is right for more anglers to be shouting "Wok-yeah!". Get your Woks on.

'Just Two Fat Blokes Fishing' (Danny Theodoulou and Leroy Pridham) go out on the river with Predatek Jabberwoks and nail a 106cm Murray cod. At almost 12 minutes, this video is packed with information, insights, and entertainment. We guarantee that it will make you smile, if not belly laugh. Danny and Leroy 'Just Two Fat Blokes Fishing', love their time on the water. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

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