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For large topwater predators like Murray cod

Our articulated 100mm Raptor is a value-for-money surface paddler for Murray cod, barramundi, mulloway, tailor, black bass, northern pike and muskies. 

Want something smaller? Go for the CB90 Cod Bug or CR90 Cod Bug.

Key product features

  • Large profile to tempt bigger fish

  • Tough, puncture-proof body and quality hardware

  • Large hooks (2/0): better hookup and holding

  • Tough, puncture-proof construction and quality hardware

  • Antenna-style bib generates fast action, loud plopping sound, bow-wave and bubble trail

  • Works on slow or fast retrieve speeds

  • Aerodynamic shape for longer and accurate casts  

  • Available in two bib styles: clear or black


Predatek R100 Raptor 'Jewel Bug' fishing lure
Map of Australia
Map of the world

barramundi, Murray cod, mulloway

XL bass, northern pike, musky

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