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The barra lure that lost its way

Since the late 1990s, the Predatek Viper and Sandviper have carved a reputation for catching trophy barramundi, particularly in Queensland impoundments like Lake Tinaroo and Lake Awoonga.

Success is great, but it's not good to be typecast! Murray cod, for example, also belt Predatek's barramundi lures.

Team Predatek's Dylan Smith likes to use the Sandviper for cod in skinny water. It can take over when the surface action subsides during the daytime.

But that's not the whole story. Just as barramundi will slam a Sandviper at night, so too will Murray cod in places like Lake Copeton.

Dylan caught this Murray cod on a Sandviper with a custom paint job while fishing with Inverell's James Makim of Cod King Lures in Copeton on an April night.

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