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Northern Pike — Late season in Latvia

Latvian angler Andris Eglitis
Andris Eglitis (Latvijas Republika)

Andris Eglitis Is a big fan of Predatek lures from Latvia. He was one of the first international customers to purchase lures from our online shop when Covid convinced us to launch it in June 2020. Prior to that he had been using our lures for a number of years, purchasing them from a former agent of Predatek in Scandinavia.

Northern Pike cuahg ton a Predatek lure
Northern Pike (Esox lucius)

The favourite Predatek lures that Andris uses for pike are the Viper and Sandviper.

Predatek Viper fishing lure
V150 Viper — Daly River Gold
Predatek Viper lure and northern pike
Northern Pike on Predatek V150 Viper

Andris promised us that he'd send some photos of the fish that he catches on Predateks, but we'd have to wait a few months until autumn in the northern hemisphere. That's the time of year when Andris catches the bigger Northern Pike and Zander. Autumn is here and, true to his word, he has sent us pictures.

Here are some of the vital details and insights that he provided to us with his photographs.

Method: Trolling with Predatek lures Waterway: River Lielupe (second largest river in Latvia) Lure colours: Light colours in dull (cloudy) conditions; dark colours in bright conditions. Best time: 10:00-14:00

"Today sun rise at 8:45 AM, set at 3:46 PM, water temperature in river 1,5 degrees Celsius; Yes, this time is the best for fishing of big pikes!!!" We hope you enjoy looking through this gallery of Andris' photos to see that our lures perform fantastically on prestige gamefish fish a long way from where they're made in Australia.

Like Murray Cod in Australia, Northern Pike can be aggressive to each other. Here are some fish with old injuries, caught by Andris Eglitis.

UPDATE 15 December 2020: Andris' pike fishing is finished for this season. The River Lielupe is freezing over!

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