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Lady's first

Kirra Porter chalked up a number of firsts in one short session fishing a Predatek Jabberwok in a dam on her property. Her fiancé, Dylan, did the honours with the camera work

  • First-ever freshwater fish

  • First-ever Murray cod

  • First ever fish on a surface lure

The Jabberwok is a hollow-bodied, rattling surface lure for big cod, but our experience shows that it's not too big to spoil your chances on smaller cod. Yes, we've had strikes on Jabberwoks when retrieving it fast, very fast even—fast enough to simulate a duckling scrambling along the surface. It makes a lot of noise and throws a lot of water. But the Jabberwok also excels with subtle retrieves. Paddle...pause...paddle...pause. It has great audibility and produces its action and sound at surprisingly slow speeds.

The other strong advantage of the Jabberwok's design is the great hook exposure of its 3-hook configuration: a hook on each side and a hook on the tail. Hookup rates on Jabberwok strikes are better than lures with lesser hook exposure; the maths is simple.

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