H150 HyperViper


Predatek H150 HyperViper fishing lure in Aussie Gold (AG) and Bronze Bass (BS)
Predatek H150 HyperViper fishing lure colours

Big barramundi
HyperViper is based on Predatek’s renowned Viper—arguably the hard-bodied fishing lure most frequently relied on by anglers targeting big barramundi in lakes.

HyperViper has been developed in response to angler demands for a Viper that probes the 8-10m band when large predators hold at depth in summer.


It’s unlikely that you can cast far enough to allow HyperViper to reach its maximum running depth. However, its fast descent still comes in handy when you’re casting to steep-sided structure like rock walls and along log studded banks. HyperViper’s retrieve resistance is moderate so you can cast longer with less fatigue.

Predatek H150 HyperViper deep-trolling  fishing lures

L—R: Redhead (RH), Ghost Rider (GR), Cicada (CD), Metalix Gold (XG)

HyperViper is designed for trolling. It has the Viper’s classic rock ‘n roll movement and wake the dead rattle incorporated in a more vibratory action. This is a fast-tracking lure that can handle 8 knots in search of pelagic predators like tailor, tuna and mackerel.

Even if you don’t need HyperViper’s ultimate depth ability, you’ll appreciate being able to troll it on a shorter line, closer to your boat, when following rocky shorelines or winding river channels in 3-5m of water. Try trolling it over the tops of submerged trees on a short line in five metres of water.

Maximum running depth is dependent on a variety of factors.

DUAL tow-points
Dual action

Versatility! Tow your HyperViper from the nose or the bib tow-point. From-the-nose gives a strong action and faster descent (handy when casting towards the bank from a boat). From-the-bib gives more depth, faster trolling and less retrieve resistance.

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