V150X Viper Xtra


Predatek V150X Viper Xtra fishinglures in Ghost Rider (GR) & Bronze Bass (BS) colours

Big fish
Viper Xtra is Predatek's tactical response to the challenges of huge barra in lakes. But it doesn't stop with barra.

Magnum hooks
Tired of big fish being tough on hooks? Viper Xtra's rugged 2/0 VMC trebles are 3 sizes larger than standard Viper and equally sharp. It's a heavy-duty fishing lure.



Bigger hooks = extra weight & longer casts.

Night moves

Anyone for night trolling? Or messing around under bridge lights for big mulloway? Working snags at night for big Murray cod?

Did you know that  BIG barra can be caught at night on Vipers in lakes like Tinaroo and Awoonga? We know. We've done it with standard V150 & V150X.

Predatek's Matt Smith with a Lake Awoonga barra caught in 4m of water at night on a V150XKT

Collectors note: At one point we made V150X Vipers with luminous bibs for export. These are now collectors items.

Predatek V150X Viper Xtra barramundi fishing lure colours

barramundi, Murray cod, yellowfin tuna, longtail tuna, kingfish, spanish mackerel, mackerel tuna, tailor, fingermark

striped bass, Papuan black bass, northern pike, perch pike, lake trout, salmon, sailfish (Singapore!)

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