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K45 Krickett


Predatek K45 Krickett surface fishing lure for bass
Predatek K45 Krickett surface fishing lure colours
Animation of Predatek S50 MicroSpaddler action

Lively insect imitator

The Predatek K45 Krickett is a small insect-simulating surface lure that lands gently on the water. It will draw in predators scanning the surface for hapless prey rather than frightening them. It's a smaller version of the BB60 Bass Bug. If you need something even smaller, try the S40 MicroSpaddler.

Key product features

  • Leaps to life with the smallest rod twitch

  • Paddles vigorously at slow speed and produces loud pattering and plopping sounds

  • Leaves a bubble trail in its wake that you can see in moonlight

  • Is aerodynamic and easy to cast

  • Has a very tough moulded construction

  • Available with a clear or black paddling bib

NOTE: As a micro-lure, the K45 Krickett is susceptible to overloading with terminal tackle (wire snaps or swivels). Please review our information page about attaching lures to your fishing line.


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