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B80M Boomerang


Predatek B80M Boomerang fishing lure in Daly River Gold colours
Predatek B80M Boomerang fishing lure colours

It's a stone!
This Boomerang is easy to fish with: easy to retrieve because of its relatively low water resistance; casts like a stone due to great aerodynamics. But relax! It also floats.

Not so deep
Use when fishing lures like B80D are too deep for the situation. Work it s-l-o-w-l-y and erratically near cover, with frequent pauses for it to bob to the surface and send out ripples.

Trophy walleye
Years ago, Dan Beardslee (Washington) was catching trophy walleye in the Columbia River on B80M Boomerang in Fire Cray livery. This one is around the 12lb mark.

US angler Dan Beardslee with a 12lb walleye caught on a Predatek B80M Boomerang

That man Dan again. This time with a nice Chinook salmon.

"Judging by the website of Predatek and after having one in my hands, it looks as if they are very well manufactured."

US angler Dan Beardslee with a fine Chinook salmon he caught on an Australian Predatek B80M Boomerang fishing lure

Not Dan, but his mate Bill! And doesn't that Firecray Boomerang get around! This time a steelhead.

A Washington state (USA) steelhead caught on a Predatek B80M Boomerang fishin lure

"Initial report: I had the opportunity to take out my new lure today and try it out on Steelhead. It's a B80M in FC color and it wasn't in the water 20 seconds when I caught my first Steelie. I caught another shortly thereafter and then put it away and ran some other plugs.


To be honest, the fish were snapping like alligators and we caught them on a variety of plugs, but it was nice to know it worked on those fish. It would have to be a little tougher fishing to be a real test, but at least I know if catches fish.


"Next report: Went out today and landed 9 steelhead, 8 on the Predatek. I'm starting to believe it's the real deal!"

Dan Beardslee (Washington State USA) catches walleye on an Australian Predatek B80M Boomerang fishing lure
Map of Australia

Murray cod, large golden perch, barramundi, mangrove jack

Map of the world

Papuan bass, walleye, steelhead, salmon, Nile perch,

Predatek B65M Boomerang fishing lure—made in Australia

Current model B80MKT (Kakadu Tiger). It shares the same bib as the B65D Boomerang.

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