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B65D Boomerang


Predatek B65D Boomerang fishing lure in Fire Tiger colours
Predatek B65D Boomerang fishing lure product colours

General purpose lure
Among our best selling fishing lures, the B65D has versatility plus. It's small enough for bass and large enough to draw bigger predators like Murray cod and barramundi.

Quick diving
Equally good as a casting or trolling lure—it really gets down.

A comfortable lure (easy to wind in) for long casting sessions along bankside cover in mangrove creeks for Mangrove jack. Gets down quickly into the strike-zone among the snags.

Frantic action

The streamlined shape of the B65D's bib, and the restricted movement of the steel tow-point, give the lure a high-frequency, tight action.

The restricted movement of the Predatek ^5D Boomerang's tow-point contributes to the tight action of the fishing lure.
Predatek B65M Boomerang fishing lure in Hot Tiger colours

Summer time in dams
Gets down to where the larger native fish hang out in the warm months. An excellent trolling lure.

A very successful lure in impoundments—too deep for small river situations.

Too vibrant? Rubbish!
Some people say it's too vibrant for Aussie natives. Tell the fish!


Tony Schultz won the 2002 SEQTAR One Lure Invitational tournament with the B65D.

Tonu Schultz won the 2002 'One Lure' tournament with the Predatek B65D Boomerang fishing lure
Map of Australia

bass, golden perch, Murray cod, redfin, sooty grunter, mangrove jack, trevally, estuary cod

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walleye, largemouth & smallmouth bass, salmon, trout

Two Murray cod fight over a Predatek B65D Boomerang fishing lure
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