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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

We launched the Predatek online store on Monday 8 June with discount prices on 12 products in superseded or custom colours: 65mm Boomerangs (4 products); 80mm Boomerangs (4 products); 150mm Viper series (3 products); and the S85PS Spoonbill.

80mm series Fire Cray SOLD OUT

The 80mm series Boomerangs were sold out by Thursday lunchtime, so we decided to look through our superseded stock to find another colour to replace them.

We've put together four 80mm series Boomerang models in the superseded Tropical Cray colour, featuring the same crayfish print that was on the sold-out Fire Cray Boomerangs.

The Tropical Cray has a black ink print over fluorescent green back and yellow sides and fluorescent orange belly. It's an eye catcher.

As before, we've discounted the price from our normal list price. This time we've gone a bit further. It's down from $17.95 to $15.95. You can buy as many as you want at this price while stocks last. Again, as before, Predatek TackleBox members can purchase one of these lures per order with a good discount using the members' promo code which is visible in the members-only area of the Predatek Tacklebox on our website.

Membership of the Predatek Tackleox is FREE. You can sign up here.

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