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Jabberwok fishing shirt & neck gaiter

Is this the coolest-looking new fishing shirt on the block?

Because clothing is not our core business, we aim to put our shirt on your back for a low price by selling it exclusively from our online shop, with free shipping to you anywhere in Australia.

What's the catch? Well, we won't be holding many in stock. We're having a run of shirts produced by our supplier to fill advance orders. Advance pre-paid orders will close on 30 November and the shirts should be delivered to purchasers 4-5 weeks later.


You can find out all about our shirt on the Jabberwok fishing Shirt & Neck Gaiter page and how to get a flat $20 discount on each shirt at the checkout. It's our way of saying thank you for pre-paid advance orders that will help us get a good buy-price from our supplier.

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