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It's a Downunder. Again!

When we started making fishing lures back in the 1980s, we went by the name of Downunder Lures. Our first lure, the 80mm wooden Downunder Boomerang, became known simply as a 'Downunder' by our fans. We trade as Predatek, but our company name is still Downunder Lures Pty. Ltd. Now, more than thirty years since we started innovating and making distinctly Australian fishing lures, the DOWNUNDER is back. As a nod to our heritage, we have named our latest and biggest lure 'The Downunder'. Technically it's a magnum 120mm Predatek Boomerang, aimed at the heavy end of the Murray cod toolbox. Together with our Murray cod surface lure, the Jabberwok, it completes the Predatek kit for targeting trophy Murray cod in the 1 metre plus class.

Want to find out more about 'The Downunder'? Click here.

When will it be available in shops? January. Shipments to distributors commenced in December.

Wishing you Maximum eFISHency,


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