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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

As an Australian small business, we've been knocked around by Covid-19. We stopped normal production and supply on March 24. But we're using the shutdown time to create new products and think of ways to survive beyond Covid-19, globalisation, copyists, and the demands from Big Retail.

We need your help. Sign-up as a member to our site so you can be among the first to know when we have our new products ready to launch.


Sign-up for your own free Predatek Member account and gain access to the Predatek Tacklebox.

What's in it for you? Our promise that

members will be able to access special, worthwhile and member-only promotional offers.

Down the track, we'll also help members to participate by uploading photos of their successes using our lures. Our members' area is brand new and we are yet to 'stock' it with members-only benefits...but we're working on that as well as on some exciting new products. The doors will open early in June.

We will say will be worth being a member!

To create a Predatek member account, click the graphic on the right >>>

Initially, you'll see a generic login screen with Facebook and Google buttons, but you'll need to click the Sign Up link at the top to get started.

Please support Australia-made Maximum eFISHency

Thanks for reading this message.


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