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Happy long weekend!

TEAM PREDATEK wishes our NSW fans a fantastic and safe long weekend on the water. We hope you get out there and get stuck into some great fishing. From reports we've seen, the winter Murray cod bite is starting to happen. Places like Copeton have re-opened due to relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions. It's all go. Speaking of ALL GO.........!.......

Biggest announcement in Predatek's history
This is livin', Larry!

On Monday June 8, we will be making the biggest announcement in the history of our little Australian fishing lure manufacturing business. And we don't say that lightly. Journalists and commentators like to sensationalise things by saying stuff like, "This is a real gamechanger!"

Well, when we make our announcement on Monday, we doubt that anyone will be able to deny the fact that our game really is about to change, and we hope that we can count on the support of fellow Australians to make it work. Thank you, Covid-19. It's not just about special offers for Predatek Tacklebox members. There are benefits for everyone. But if you'd like to access the member benefits as well, you can sign up here.

Stayed tuned and have a great fishing weekend


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