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Fish see through these MinMins

" This lure is going to get me a fish today, first time I have used pink in my life. "


Jamie Flett is a talented angler, always has been, and talent breeds confidence. He's an Inverell boy, like two of the founders of Predatek. Now he lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW and chases bass and estuary species between episodes of being lured back to the bush to chase native fish: the mighty Murray cod; and golden perch.

A staunch supporter of Australian-made product, Jamie has recently been looking for lures that can increase his success rate. He's been giving the Predatek transparent MinMin range a workout and attests that a Pink Panic deep-running transparent MinMin (M50DT) is becoming a favourite for flathead. In one session he caught 12 duskies and kindly sent us some photographs.

Rob at Team Predatek asked Jamie if all the captures were shore-based. " Yeah mate I like walking, I think you get to fish a lot more of the water", he replied. " Landed 4 on the pink one again this arvo, loving the little lures."

The primary advantage of the see-through Predateks is exactly that, light in the shallows passes through them and they more closely resemble semi-transparent baitfish that flathead prey upon.

We hope you enjoy looking through Jamie's photographs. How about the one of a flathead hiding in the sand? Not many anglers get a photo like that; usually, the first thing they see is the cloud of silt exploding as the fish exits. Jamie's photograph says something about his stealthy approach while fishing the shallows.

Photographs © Jamie Flett

The Predatek transparent MinMins are available in 6 colours.

Do you have some good photographs of your successes using Predatek lures? Send them to us and we'll see if we can also feature you in our blog.

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