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Can Murray Cod Read?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Well, maybe they can! ;-) Maybe they can tell that the lure swimming past them is at the end of a responsible angler's line. Maybe they know that they'll be released again after being caught? OK, we know it's drawing a l-o-n-g bow but it's a fun way to introduce this little Predatek success story.

A few weeks ago we published a blog post about Predatek being chosen as a custom lure producer for NSW DPI Fisheries. You can read about it here.

Meet Geoff Godson through his recent post on the Murray Cod Fishing page on Facebook.

How about that lure hanging out of the fish's mouth? It's one of NSW DPI Fisheries custom-printed lures supplied by Predatek. It means that Geoff is a responsible angler who's doing his bit to help our fish in these tough times of drought. DPI gave him the lure for helping to rescue distressed fish in the Macquarie River in NSW.

Many anglers would put such a lure in the collection cabinet. Not Geoff. His custom-printed 80mm Deep Boomerang has been put to work. Well done, Geoff, for setting a fine example in looking after our amazing native fish.

ADDENDUM 12 December 2019

Since we published this blog post, Geoff has come back with further information...

"All fine Rob, that’s the biggest fish so far caught on the Predatek 1800, but the green/yellow one has been doing the job as well, both lures have caught over 20 fish between them since cod opening, have swam out to retrieve it twice since the big fish." Swimming out to retrieve a lure speaks volumes about its value and performance!

Bring 'em on, put 'em back! TEAM PREDATEK

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