A Boomerang didn't come back

Fish toys and a sticker in the mail

Graham Schultz recently took delivery of his order of Predatek lures from the new online store, and was among the first customers to receive one of the new complimentary shop stickers that have arrived at our factory. He was quick to give us some feedback. Very quick!

"Lures turned up today. Within an hour I was on the water. A dozen fish and 4 hours later I’ve already donated one to the underwater gallery."

Australian bass on B65DDP (Deep Purple)

Graham took the B65D Boomerangs from his latest order for a swim in Lake Wivenhoe. A colour that has been in other 'news' lately was among the prime attractants—Deep Purple—accounting for bass and golden perch. It's good to have a Plan B if your favourite colour is the one that's donated to the underwater gallery, as Graham puts it.

"All good mate. Glad I got two of the Deep Purple. Absolutely smashed it today."

Golden perch on B65DAG (Aussie Gold)

Golden perch on B65DDP (Deep Purple)

Graham also caught a golden perch on a B65D in Aussie Gold colour

Violet trolling Deep Purple!

On his next outing a few days later, Graham's niece came along to get in on the action. Get this...her name is Violet and, you guessed it, Deep Purple lures were in the winner's circle again!

Australian bass on B65DDP (Deep Purple)
Cadbury! Gold and Deep Purple

And another Deep Purpled bass

And another Deep Purpled Aussie bass

Graham's best fish on the first outing was this robust Wivenhoe Australian bass at 55cm taken on the B65DBL (Black Beetle). Gotta be happy with that.

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