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A passion for purple

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

We received some great feedback from some of our fans this weekend. In Queensland, Ipswich anglers Kim Dalziel and Peter Ilka trolled Predatek lures in Wivenhoe Dam. Kim caught her first-ever bass, and on her favourite lure, the B65D Boomerang in Deep Purple livery.

Success story facts

  • Trolling Wivenhoe Dam between 08:00 and 14:00 14 June 2020

  • Weather overcast

  • A dozen fish caught on Predatek lures

  • Biggest bass was caught mid-morning—45cm

  • Golden perch also caught on the B65D Boomerang in Deep Purple

  • B80D Boomerang in Mulga Perch colour also scored


Thank you, Kim and Peter for providing us with such good feedback on your success with Predatek lures. We thrive on it!


A fact about purple

Why is purple such a popular colour for fishing lures? Purple light is at the shorter wavelength end of the visible light spectrum. It's a fact that shorter wavelength colours penetrate deeper into water than the longer wavelengths (such as red and yellow).

A purple lure will, therefore retain its visible purple colour at greater depth than a red lure, for example. Particularly in freshwater, where the water is typically not very clear, the visibility of warm colours painted on a lure (like red) drains away much more quickly than the cooler, short wavelength colours like purple. Red lures can look colourless (grey) when they dive below the penetration of their 'wavelength', so to speak.

This is perhaps why purple is a popular colour for diving fishing lures. It's a theory that at least has some science behind it. Purple or black are great choices for deep-diving lures. They appear more contrasty against the water background.

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