B80UD Boomerang

Predatek B80UD Boomerang fishing lure in Crimson Tiger colours
Deep water special - Our deepest Boomerang

"For the past three years, I have focused most of my fishing attention on the pursuit of big Murray cod. There are a number of lures that will take cod and I've tried many of them. I have found the Predatek 80mm Ultra Deep to be the best by far. It has great diving ability for a small lure, which enables it to get down into the deeper areas that these large fish inhabit. Big cod find its action irresistible and I have taken several fish in excess of 30kg on the B80UD. It is my first choice when chasing monster cod."


Rod Mackenzie, "Team Exposure" 2001

Rod McKenzie with a 30kg Murray cod taken on a Predatek B80UD Boomerang in Fireball Red colours

Murray River Monster: Angler Gus Storer caught this monster

Murray cod on a B80UD Boomerang in Barra Blue (BB) colour.


Not just freshwater
This Boomerang fishing lure, along with the B80D version, can be trolled over shallow reefs for snapper and coral trout.

Predatek B80UD Boomerang ultra-deep diving gishig lure in Mulga Frog colours
Predatek B80UD Boomerang ultra-deep diving gishig lure in Camo-Cazi colours and with a black enduroShok bib
Predatek B80UD Boomerang diving fishing lure in Camo-Cazi colours and a black enduroShok bib

Murray cod, golden perch, barramundi, mangrove jack, coral trout, trevally

Papuan black bass, spot-tail bass, northern pike

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