S85 Spoonbill

Predatek S85 Spoonbill fishing lure in Ghost Rider colours

Well designed
It's just one of those fishing lures that does everything right!


  • Casts like a bullet

  • Trolls fast and straight

  • High frequency vibrant action

  • Catches a wide range of fish

Rugged bib
Tough as nails with an enduroShok bib.

A versatile all-rounder. Just the right size to appeal to a wide range of predators, and equally at home in freshwater, estuaries, or trolling out at sea.


How many bibbed fishing lures can handle 7 knots plus troll speeds among a pattern of skirted lures?

Naturalised patterns
Twenty five colours to choose from, some scanned from real Australian baitfish.

enduroShok bib logo
Black-tipped reef shark caught on a Predatek S85 Spoonbill fishing lure weighted with a sinker and jigged over coral reef

Black-tipped reef shark caught on a Predatek S85 Spoonbill—in Metalix Chrome (XC) colour—weighted with a sinker and jigged over coral reef.

Murray cod, golden perch, bass, sooty grunter, barramundi, estuary perch, flathead, mangrove jack, trevally, estuary cod, bonito, dolphin fish, mackerel tuna, longtail tuna, Australian salmon, tailor, rainbow runner

trout, salmon, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike, walleye, Papuan black bass, striped bass


The Spoonbill is an excellent lure for mangrove Jacks. This one took a Spoonbill in the classic Barra Blue (B) colours. The New Britain black bass below took a Kakadu Tiger (KT).

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