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B65M Boomerang


Predatek B65M Boomerang fishing lure in Fire Tiger colours
Predatek B65M Boomerang fishing lure product colours

Strong action

The B65M has a V-notched slot in the bib for the stainless steel towing point. This design allows the towing point to pivot freely in the slot and produces a strong throbbing action.

This is the kind of action which is favoured by many anglers targeting Murray cod and golden perch

The free movementof the Predatek B65M Boomerang's tow-point contributes to it's wide, throbbing action

Feel the beat

You can really feel the B65M working through the rod tip - especially with fine gel spun lines.

A versatile fishing lure which is good for both trolling and casting. Intermediate size appeals to many fish species.

Can handle a fair turn of speed for a lure with such a strong action. A great trolling lure.

Map of Australia

bass, golden perch, Murray cod, redfin, sooty grunter, jungle perch, flathead, mangrove jack, trevally

Map of the world

walleye, largemouth & smallmouth bass, salmon, trout

For comparison

The restricted movement of the B65D Boomerangs' tow-point contributes to the B65D's tighter action.

The restricted movement of the Predatek ^5D Boomerang's tow-point contributes to the tight action of the fishing lure.
Predatek B65M Boomerang fishing lure in Hot Tiger colours
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