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Unboxed at noon, fish by four

It's great to have gun anglers to help us test new products. One such angler, and a long-time friend of Predatek, is Neil Schultz. Neil helped us put the Predatek Viper on the map as an outstanding barramundi lure by pioneering trolling for big barra in Lake Tinaroo in the late 1990s.

We sent Neil a bunch of pre-production BB60 Bass Bugs and he caught fish on them within hours of the postman dropping them off. Here's Neil's story.

"Good Evening Gents,

I collected the new BB60 Bass Bugs from the mailbox just before lunch today and was catching fish by 4pm this afternoon.

During 53 years of casting lures in freshwater, I can honestly state that I've never encountered a surface paddler that performs better than the Bass Bug!  That includes old stalwarts like the original Jitterbug.  These Bugs start their seductive paddling with the first hint of movement on the retrieve and the crisp "plip-plop" acoustics are very audible.  Casting is comfortable with no issues of tumbling in flight nor tangling in the leader.

Most importantly, they catch fish!  Even jaded old, grey whiskered me is very, very, impressed!

If the rest of the new models in the range are on par with this lure, the fish will need to go into lockdown to be safe.

With Immense Gratitude,


What's your bag? Winter bass? Murray cod in streams? Flathead on the flats? The BB60 Bass Bug can bring 'em on.

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