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Photo of the Month—October 2020

Congratulations to Rod Riley, the October 2020 winner of the Predatek Photo of the Month competition in the Facebook group 'Trout Trollers Australia'. Rod caught a brown trout in Lake Jindabyne.

What is it about Jindabyne? What are the anglers in other lakes doing? The last three winners of Predatek's Photo of the Month have fished Jindabyne!

Come on Victorians and Taswegians. Have a look through your best fishing photos from previous outings and post them to Trout Trollers Australia with the hashtag #Predatek.

What did Rod do to win the competition, besides posting a good photograph? He simply hashtagged #predatek in his post. Too easy!

Rod wins a limited edition metallised gold MinMin lure. This lure is a collector's item. We have 8 more to award over the next 8 months.

For easy tips of how to take better fishing photographs, check out or 'Photo Guide' page. It's not rocket science, just easy to do tips for better photos of your fishing experiences.

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