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Photo of the Month—December 2020

Congratulations to Lynn Osborne, the December 2020 winner of the Predatek Photo of the Month competition in the Facebook group 'Trout Trollers Australia'. Lynn made a series of three good landscape photographs while on a fishing session at Lake Dartmouth in Victoria. Our favourite was one of those. The Predatek Photo of the Month doesn't have to be a photo of an angler holding up a fish. We're interested in any good photographs that tell the story of a fishing experience.

Lynn's photo of trolling on a glassy lake with a rod in the foreground and the contrail of a passenger jet in the sky and reflected in the water tells a wonderful story. Where would we rather be: up in the air; or fishing? The fishing rod, the contrail and its reflection make a strong graphic trio of elements in the composition.

So, come on Trout Trollers, let's see more photographs that tell stories about the fishing life we love. It's not just about the fish. Post your photos to Trout Trollers Australia with the hashtag #Predatek.

Lynn wins a limited edition metallised gold MinMin lure. This lure is a collector's item.

For easy tips of how to take better fishing photographs, check out or 'Photo Guide' page. It's not rocket science, just easy-to-do tips for better photos of your fishing experiences.

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