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Darling River Jabberwok cod

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Recent fish kills on the Darling River at Menindee have saddened everyone. Things need to change, and some of them can be enacted by governments. In the short term, the best we can hope for are big rains and a big fresh or flood to replenish and cleanse the water.

Too many fish like this beauty caught by Tim Howard (in the Darling River at Pooncarie before Christmas) are at risk while the drought drags on.

100.5cm Murray cod on Predatek Jabberwok
Tim Howard got a 100.5cm surface strike at dawn

Tim initially had a problem getting his hands on Jabberwoks...

"Borrowed 1 a fortnight ago from a mate. Awesome lure caught my very first cod over a metre on it, in the first 20 casts. Kept the lure so need t

o replace it and also 1 for myself."

He has since purchased his own.

"I travelled to the nearest BCF (200km away), and treated myself. Initially wanted two, came out with four!"

Predatek Jabberwok surface lures
Tim's Jabberwoks: Tropical Frog, Deep Purple, Mulga Frog, Fossil Black

" Awesome lures. Haven't had another chance to put them to use. Here is the picture of my 100.5cm caught at the crack of dawn at Pooncarie on the Darling River on 22/12/18." Thanks so much for the photo, Tim. We love seeing the results of our lures at work and posting pictures like yours on our website. Here's a shout out to all anglers who are kicking goals with the Jabberwok and other Predatek

lures...please share! :-)


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