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M40DT MicroMin (transparent)


Predatek M40DT fishing lure
Predatek M40DT transparent MicroMin fishing lure colours
Animation of the action of the Predatek M40DT MicroMin fishing lure

One of the deepest running micro lures on the market. Has a strong medium action and is best suited to ultra-light tackle. It looks like a translucent baitfish.

Count down
Sinks slowly but will float with one hook removed and if not weighed down with a metal snap.


Troll it slowly along river edges for bass and bream, or cast and count down to work close to cover with a twitching technique.

Line attachment

Gives best action when attached with loop knot rather than metal snap.

Strong action
Stronger action than most deep-diving micro lures. Works at very slow speeds

Stationary trolling!
Mick Lee (Brisbane) anchored in current at night and let the M40D work behind the boat on a fixed line. He targeted bream but had some other surprises, including mulloway and tailor.

Small lure, small fish?

Not necessarily. With its strong action and diving ability, MicroMin will also attract large natives like Murray cod.

Map of Australia

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