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M40T — Transparent MicroMin

Predatek M40T fishing lure

TRANSPARENT — A shallow running micro lure with lively, narrow action and nuggety body that looks like a translucent baitfish.

Use for stream casting in trout territory. Cast across rapids and riffles and work through fast water and eddies near rocks.

Floater ?
If you need MicroMin to float, remove one hook and drift it in the current, with short retrieves and twitches.

Countdown ?

Sinks slowly. Good count-down lure, responding well to a pause-twitch routine.

Line attachment

Like all micro lures, gives best action when attached to line with a loop knot.


Small sportfish

A good lure for small to medium sportfish or those that are shy of larger lures.

trout, bass, sooty grunter, golden perch, silver perch, jungle perch, Macquarie perch, redfin, tarpon, saratoga. bream, flathead

trout, salmon, char, perch, smallmouth bass, panfish