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George H.

"Good day, Rob!

Your baits "have own person", as it speaks in Russia, especially Boomerang and Jindivik.

Your baits is confirmation of your words: 'Predatek prides itself on doing its own development of designs'.

I think, your firm is the bright representative the person, the Australian school of design and manufacture of crankbaits."


I have received 10 Predatek's crankbaits from Saint Petersburg (EcoFish). The lures of Predatek are looked better alive, than on pictures. Colors are brighter! My friend has told: "The more I look at them, the it is more they like to me! "

Here is my picture with the favorite Jindivik.

George H. - Saratov, Russia



Now you can purchase Predatek promotional items and the Predatek GOB-LOC by mail order from the GearShop.

Predatek's GOB-LOC fish gripper
GOB-LOC image

The Predatek GOB-LOC is a fish gripping, weighing and measuring device. It's available direct from Predatek's GearShop in 3 models.

Predatek's Metalix finish is durable
SandViper image

FACT: A metal finish that resists damage from toothy critters!

Don't you hate it when the metallised finish on a lure peels back to bare plastic?

Predatek's Metalix™ finish hangs on where others get flakey.

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'One Lure' winner
Barramundi image

FACT: Predatek's Sandviper wins the 2004 SEQTAR One Lure Convention held at Lake Awoonga. Graham Schultz of Lowood caught the largest barramundi of the event scoring 1030; well ahead of the second placed angler who also fished a Predatek lure.

"The Predatek Sandviper is proving to be absolutely deadly on big barramundi."
Bush 'n Beach Fishing, December 2004, p61

Click to enlarge

Field testing:

"Rob & Frank,

Too windy to go tuna fishing this morning so I ducked over to the lake for a few hours early before the gale arrived. Got a 43cm bass on a Spaddler, and followed that up with a 51cm bass, 2.4kg specimen on a Micro Spaddler.

I think you are onto a winner here!"


I have been using little fly snaps from Mustad for small lures and they work fine on the Spaddlers. Good for we anglers who are too impatient to tie a loop knot for every lure change.

Keep up the good work."

Neil Schultz

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What is...? Find out about our super tough bib (lip) technology


"I normally don't comment on the quality, or lack thereof, of commercial web pages. However I just finished looking at the site you put together and I must say that in my seven years of web surfing I have never seen a better, more informative and easily navigated site.

Congratulations on some really excellent work."

Don West - Orange Park FL. USA

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