Your baits have own person, as it speaks in Russia, especially Boomerang and Jindivik. Your baits is confirmation of your words:  'Predatek prides itself on doing its own development of designs'.


I think, your firm is the bright representative the person, the Australian school of design and manufacture of crankbaits. I have received 10 Predatek's crankbaits from Saint Petersburg (EcoFish). The lures of Predatek are looked

better alive, than on pictures. Colors are brighter!


My friend has told: "The more I look at them, the it is more they like to me! ". Here is my picture with the favorite Jindivik.


George H. - Saratov, Russia

"I normally don't comment on the quality, or lack thereof, of commercial web pages. However I just finished looking at the site you put together and I must say that in my seven years of web surfing I have never seen a better, more informative and easily navigated site.

Congratulations on some really excellent work."

Don West - Orange Park FL. USA

"Hi, Predatek.
I finally get around to sending you a couple of photos of the fish that I caught on the Vipers.


Was an excellent trip and landed over 400 fish in 6 and a half days. I spent the last day fishing only Predatek lures, my guide gave me a funny look when I tied one on and commented "not sure if them will work up here" .

Well, we didn't troll but about 20 meters and I hooked what was to be "too many to count" Lake Trout that day on Vipers. The next afternoon before boarding the float planes to take us home many of the guests that were at the same lodge as myself were asking all kinds of questions concerning the Vipers as my guide had told everyone how well I did with the Lake Trout on them.

Gene Hackinson - American in Canada

"Is there still an unknown lure? It seems to be. I was with a few German and Dutch fishing journalists fishing in 'giant' lake in Norway. This Tyrifjord is a great pike lake with a really enormous amount of pikes.

I met a Norwegian fisherman there (Terje Anderson ) who also had a website. I really asked him everything about pike fishing in his area because I wanted to score in his country. He told me about very good lures for his lakes.

He offered me in Norway a few Predatek lures. In Holland I never had heard from the brandname Predatek. Now I have fished with it and caught a lot of fish. For us as sportfishermen we hope this lure will make his way to Holland. The first impression is always the best and that is with these lures absolutely good.

Pim Pos, Zandam, Holland

Northern pike caught by Pim Pos on a Sandviper in Cicada (CD) livery



" Best of luck, an original concept from ground up is a disappearing art form." Glen Purdy (on Jabberwok)

Glen, may we quote you?

"Sure mate, no worries.. will be keen to swim one when they hit the shelf. Got my eye on that yellow version. Best of luck, the time and effort is deserving of such."


" What was immediately evident was the excellent hookup rate with the Jabberwok. Only one fish that "boofed" the lure wasn't hooked on the first strike. That fish was tiny and didn't make contact with the lure at all. " Neil Schultz


" The Jabberwok was purpose designed in Australia specifically for our freshwater cod. First trip out it impressed me (and I've been catching cod on surface lures for forty years). The R&D team at Predatek have nailed it with this lure." Neil Schultz