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Spoonbill is a versatile general purpose lure. In the tropics it's effective on mangrove creek species and can double as a trolling lure for a range of open water fish from bluefish (tailor) to trevally.
Here are the McSea (MC) and Aussie Gold (AG) patterns.


The mangrove jack is a fantastic fish and the Spoonbill is a perfect lure to catch it. Jacks hang out in snaggy territory and can take a heavy toll on lures. The Spoonbill can dive quickly into the strike zone amongst the timber and draw a jack's attention. You need quick reflexes to stop the fish before it hangs you in the cover.
This one fell for a Barra Blue (BB) pattern.


Jerry Vovsko, a fishing writer in north east USA, has been testing Predateks on stripers. This is a photo of one of his mates with a good bass.

[Jerry Vovsko photo]

Lucky snap - and we don't mean photo! Check the wire snap which opened but luckily held long enough to bring in this Bensbach barra on a RedHead 'qantas' (RH) spoonbill.

[Andrew Smith photo]

Underwater shot of sooty grunter with a Metalix Spoonbill (S85XG) at Teemburra Dam.
[Neil Schultz photo]

Rosemary Schultz with a 15kg longtail tuna (Kishinoella tonggol) taken on a trolled jabiru (JB) pattern. Tin Can Bay, QLD, July 2001.

[Neil Schultz photo]

Kevin Perryman with a steelhead trout caught in Lake Erie, USA on Daly River Gold (DG) colour.

[Paul Kemery photo]

Paul Kemery (US field tester) used a Yellow Rainbowfish (YR) Spoonbill to entice this Lake Erie walleye.

Riccard Reimann sent us this nice shot of a Black Bass from New Britain, taken on S85 Kakadu Tiger (KT)..

Top S85

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