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Cod taken from snaggy territory on the Murray River on a Fireball Red (FR) patterned B80UD.
Most photos on this page © Rod Mackenzie


Versatility. Because of its small size for such a deep lure, the B80UD accounts for fish like this golden perch as well as large cod. Angler Sammy Morris. This is a Tropical Frog (TF).


Portrait of a Bronze Bass (BS).


This huge cod hefted by Gus Storer was taken on a Barra Blue (BB) pattern.


Two years later, Gus is till dressing in blue and fishing Barra Blue (BB). The cod engulfed the lure.


Extra large cod caught early one April morning on a Prudence pattern (PD).


One of the hazards of cod fishing is engulfed lures. Fortunately old Murray is a tough customer and lures can usually be retrieved and the fish released without injury. This one fell for the charms of a Firecray pattern (FC).


Here you see the oversize bib on the Ultra Deep Boomerang. The shape, and the position of the tow point, let it dig deep with a vibrant action - unlike the heavy throbbing action of other cod lures. (Firecray FC)


You can't keep a good man down! Rod Mackenzie with yet another of his trophy cod. This time a Pink Thing (PT) did the trick.


Gerard Livingstone shows the versatility of the B80UD which will take Murray cod across the size range. Here again the popular Firecray (FC) pattern.

Top B80UD

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