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Dan Beardslee (Washington) braved freezing conditions at night to troll up a string of trophy walleye on B80M Firecray (FC) pattern in the Columbia River. This one is around the 12lb mark.


That man Dan again. This time with a nice Chinook salmon.

"Judging by the website of Predatek and after having one in my hands, it looks as if they are very well manufactured."


...and what about this 14lb whopper walleye caught by Dan a few weeks later!


Not Dan, but his mate Bill! And doesn't that Firecray Boomerang get around! This time a beautifully coloured steelhead.

"Initial report: I had the opportunity to take out my new lure today and try it out on Steelhead. It's a B80M in FC color and it wasn't in the water 20 seconds when I caught my first Steelie. I caught another shortly thereafter and then put it away and ran some other plugs. To be honest, the fish were snapping like alligators and we caught them on a variety of plugs, but it was nice to know it worked on those fish. It would have to be a little tougher fishing to be a real test, but at least I know if catches fish.

"Next report: Went out today and landed 9 steelhead, 8 on the Predatek. I'm starting to believe it's the real deal!"



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