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Simon Ang (Singapore) caught this fine mangrove jack on a Predatek B65M Boomerang, Fire Tiger (FT).


Elton Jack (EJ) is a popular colour across the whole Predatek range.


Hot Tiger (HT), a high contrast attractor colour.


Jabiru (JB) could be regarded as a saltwater colour. Imitates flashy baitfish and is good for mangrove jack and flathead.


Mulga Frog (MF) is a natural pattern with bold black & gold markings. Good for shy bass. Can you see the map of Australia in the print? It has a fluoro cousin in the Tropical Frog (TF)


Prudence (PD) is a bright fluorescent pattern. Looks like nothing a fish would eat, but they don't seem to mind!


Pink Thing (PI) is another fairy floss type fluoro pattern. Looks like it belongs in an ice-cream sundae!


Fire Tiger (FT). One of the 'Big 3' tiger patterns in our range. The others are Hot Tiger (HT) and Yellow Tiger (YT)

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