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50mm Spaddler

40mm MicroSpaddler

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Loop knot
Use a loop knot
TIP: Attach small lures to your line with a loop knot in the leader. This will give maximum performance. If you use a wire snap, the action could be degraded. A large wire snap may even sink the lure!

How to...
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TIE A LOOP KNOT: Click thumbnail to see large image.


What are Spaddlers™?

Spaddler composite photo

Available NOW!

For a long time, we at Predatek have wanted to build a surface lure because we love topwater fishing. Our favourite kinds of surface lures have always been those that walk or paddle with a tantalising gurgling sound and a bubble trail behind. For us, the benchmark was the Arbogast Jitterbug.

Now, we're happy to say, Predatek has a fine Spaddler ("surface paddler") of its own for those species of fish that crash tackle small creatures that struggle on top of the water.


Spaddlers come in two sizes - 40mm and 50mm - sharing the same body as the MinMin and MicroMin series divers and the soon-to-be-launched RackRunners. Similarly, the smallest model is called the MicroSpaddler.


Spaddlers are available in all the same colours as Predatek's other 40mm and 50mm series lures.

TopLuminous bib

Soft landings!
BENEFIT: Spaddlers have finesse! This can be a great advantage when fish are wary. Spaddlers don't blunder in there and spook the fish. They land with a soft splash, like an insect falling from overhanging vegetation.

Field testing
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Pre-production samples were available in May 2004 - in time to test on late season bass. Here, production manager, Frank Gaukroger, removes the hooks from a 38cm bass. It couldn't resist the charms of a Tropical Perch (TP) Spaddler crawled across the top of a barely covered weed bed late in the afternoon. It was released, like all of the bass we catch.

Luminous bib
BENEFIT: Spaddler's unbreakable enduroShok bib has long-life luminescent material moulded in. This makes it easier for you to see at night and can improve your casting accuracy. It also draws fish in for a closer look.

Slim tail
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BENEFIT: Unlike other brands of small topwater lures, Spaddler has a thin tail section that hangs down in the water and gives maximum hook exposure. Another example of Predatek's maximum efishency in design. When a fish hits, there is less chance of the body contacting its jaws before the hook barbs bite.

Predatek's long awaited surface lures arrived in the winter of 2004. Using the same body as the MinMin series lures, Spaddlers and MicroSpaddlers derive their quirky action and performance from a specially designed, buoyant, luminous bib.

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