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Sounds of nature?
BENEFIT: On a steady retrieve, Spaddler makes gurgling and slapping sounds as it swims towards you. It sounds like a small creature in trouble. You won't hear the sound of the in-built rattle as the body rolls from side to side, but it's a subtle addition to the menu of sounds served up for lurking fish. Whether the sounds of a Spaddler are familiar to a predatory fish or not, they are bound to attract its attention.


T. Heino
"Hi, Rob. Now when Christmas is coming I thought to post a short review of Viper's efishency.


I was trolling with the SandViper BB in late Oktober and believe me or not I managed to catch over 50 northern pikes in 3 days ! Thank You for a great lure ! Merry Christmas to all of you. "

Timo Heino - Finland

Luminous bib

You may think that Spaddler's luminous bib is designed to attract the fish. Well, you'd be right! There's no doubt it makes Spaddler easier for fish to see on a dark night - not that they really need our help to zero in and attack prey items.

We think the main benefit of the glow-in-the-dark bib is to you, the angler. How often have you been lure casting from a boat towards a tree-lined bank at night and had trouble judging the distance? How often have you strained to hear the sound of your surface walking lure so you could judge where it was as you retrieved it? Do you know exactly where your surface lure is heading when you've cast into the blackness?

We've experienced those problems so we guess they are issues for lots of nocturnal lure tossers. So how good is it that Spaddler's luminous bib acts as a guidance system for anglers?

Charge it up!

You carry a torch when fishing at night, yeah? Give Spaddler's bib a few seconds in the limelight and it will glow for minutes (even without a torch-assisted charge these bibs will glow).

Then watch the path of the lure when you cast. It will arc towards your target out there in the blackness like a shooting star. You can easily track its direction and distance to drop it closer to your target than you're used to with a non-glowing lure.

After touchdown, you can still see where Spaddler is. Now it's easier to work the lure in the strike zone, or track it as you wind it back. It's all good!

NOTE: On bright moonlit nights, the luminous bib is less of an advantage. The higher ambient light levels mean that the luminous bib doesn't stand out so much. But cast in to a bank shaded from the moon by vegetation and you will see the difference.



The 'Spallette' !
Click to view colour range

FACT: With 10 colours to choose from, there are bound to be a few that will suit the fish in your area. Dealers! - all MinMin colours are available, but the 10 shown here are the standard range. Click the thumbnail to see a larger image.

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TIP: The Australian bass is a very surface oriented predator. During the warmer months when insects are prevalent, bass are suckers for a small, imitative surface lure. In the brackish reaches, Spaddlers can draw strikes at those times of the month when prawns are running and being harrassed from below.

How to...
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TIE A LOOP KNOT: Click thumbnail to see large image.

Floating leader
TIP: When fishing Spaddlers with a slow, stop-start or let-sit-for-a-while technique, they will be more responsive to your rod work if you use a floating leader material (e.g. nylon). Fluorocarbon leader material sinks and the resulting drag impairs your ability to finesse the lure.

Computer aided...
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DESIGN: The secret to Spaddler's performance is the reflex-curved bib. Prototypes were handmade and field-tested; then measured and converted to 2D CAD format by our design department. The 2D drawings were processed by 3D modelling software to produce an accurate forecast of the finished product. This was fine tuned and given to our toolmaker who produced the injection mould.

The result is a micro surface lure like no other.

Trevally caugt on a gold Metalix Sandviper trolled near a shallow reef area. Predatek's Metalix finish is acknowledged by some experts as the toughest in the business. It doesn't come off in flakes when damaged by sharp teeth.
Neil Schultz photo

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