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Predatek - Maximum Efishency

Decision for the future
In any business, it would seem foolish to abandon a brand with a proud heritage, a great reputation and enviable loyalty from resellers and end users. Why walk away from a brand when the hard work of building it had been done?

That was our tough decision for 1999.

Downunder Lures was a well known brand in our industry and identified so well with what we stood for. The Australian fishing scene is world famous and here was product designed and developed in that great proving ground. So strong was the brand that many keen anglers referred to our lures as Downunders rather than by their specific model names.

"What did you catch it on?"......."A Downunder."

Why fix it if it wasn't broke?
Because we couldn't own the brand. In Australia there are dozens of companies that are Downunder something or other. It's not possible to trademark such a generic or geographically based name. Australia owns it - and fair enough! We needed a handle to claim as our own intellectual property, and one which would not impose limits on where we could take the business.

We also needed a name which evoked quality, the spirit of sports fishing, and would stand for something that committed anglers everywhere could identify with.

We scrabbled up literally hundreds of words and finally chose Predatek. We go forward under this banner which, in time, will stand for more than just great fishing lures.

Our logo? A predatory fish in the act of striking a lure — the quintessential moment of truth in sports fishing.

What kind of fish? It could be any of a dozen or more species that fire the imagination of anglers around the world.

Whatever your fishing religion, the logo is a symbol of Predatek's commitment to Maximum Efishency®.

enduroShok, efishency®, and Predatek®
are trademarks of Downunder Lures Pty Ltd
(ABN 64 050 040 189)


"In January 2000, Downunder Lures Pty Ltd re-branded its product line as Predatek®. At the same time the company launched the general purpose 85mm Spoonbill lure featuring enduroShok™ bib technology"

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