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The Hangman's Noose

An easy and useful knot

Hangman's Noose Knot
Main line to reel   Wraps   Noose      Bow      Tag end


This knot is easy to master and, with practise, can be tied with your eyes closed. The trick is to make a large bow and hold it against the palms of both hands with fingers 2-4, leaving your index fingers and thumbs free.

Wrap the tag end of the line 5-8 times around the noose 'legs' by manipulating all between your index fingers and thumbs.

To finish the knot, lubricate with saliva and slowly draw the tag end of the line tight with one hand whilst pinching the wraps with the other hand so that they bunch up neatly as the knot tightens.

Once tightened, the main line can be pulled through the wraps to increase or decrease the size of the noose loop. Do this slowly or the heat of friction could weaken your line.

Neatly trim the tag end of the line.


  • 'Loose noose'
    Use the knot with a loose noose when tying line direct to a lure towing eyelet. This will allow free movement and maximum action for the lure.

    The noose may tighten against the eyelet under the pressure of fighting a fish or being snagged. Not a problem! Simply cut the line and retie before continuing to fish.

  • 'Tight noose'
    You can pull the noose up tight against split rings, wire snaps and snap swivels because these devices do not restrict lure movement.
    (Avoid pulling the noose tight when attaching line directly to the lure.)

  • Lubrication
    As with all knots, to reduce friction and ensure a neat knot, lubricate with saliva before tightening.



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